About us

At Burgers we build our vehicles on almost 100 years of experience. In 1925, Koos Burgers started with the provision of carriages and other agricultural vehicles.

Since then Burgers Carrosserie has become a true specialist in building up trailers with closed box bodies, entirely tailor-made with its own service departments including 3 in the Netherlands, Aalsmeer, Zwaagdijk and Maasbracht.

We head another 10 establishments internationally in:

  • Le Plessis-Plâté Parijs, (France)
  • La Bastide, Toulouse (France)
  • BelleVille, Lyon (France)
  • Saint-laurent-de-mure, Lyon (France)
  • Villefranche-sur-saône, Lyon (France)
  • Carquefou, Nantes (France)
  • Bibliss, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Peine, Hannover (Germany)
  • Osla (Poland)
  • Bratislava (Slovakia)

Yet a lot has stayed the same in those 100 years. Since 2000, Ton Burgers, the 3rd generation of the family, has been at the helm of a company where service and taking care of all our customers’ needs are the key priority. In the meantime,  the Double Deck trailer is becoming a household name across Europa – a minimum of 400 trailers are processed each year.

From small to large, conditioned or Double Decks; Burgers Carrosserie can supply any closed box bodywork. Regardless what market you operate in.


For almost 100 years Burgers Carrosserie has been there for its customers. We are all about quality and service in the field of tailor-made bodyworks. Together with our customers we look for the best solution in the field of newbuild and maintenance of existing means of transport.


Burgers Carrosserie wants to keep making a qualitative contribution in the field of efficient and sustainable transport solutions across Europe in the future.

The good collaboration between our customers and employees enables us to aim for increasingly better solutions.